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A to Z Armory started after I read this article. It was written by a police officer who has spent over 10 years researching and training for School Shooting type events. He has studied every event since Columbine, and now trains schools and other police departments with how to deal with those tragic events. He wrote the article as a kind of "School Shootings 101 for parents" The section on "Escape" really stuck with me. He states in the article that you can use surplus bulletproof vests to build an armored backpack for your children. I thought this was a good idea, but that there had to be a better way.

As I started to experiment with buying armor inserts on eBay, I started to research how ballistic armor actually works. That's when I found out about "Bluntforce Trauma" --- what the people that test the bulletproof material call "Backspace Deformation"

When most soft armor stops a bullet, the armor "catches" the bullet, almost like a net.  The energy is transfered into the person wearing the armor, like a punch, or more like a blow with a hammer. There are hard armor options with little or none of this bluntforce trauma, but it is heavy (very heavy, like 8 to 20 pounds), and most of it is meant to stop rifle rounds (which are very rarely used in these public shooting type events), and expensive. 

So soft armor was my only option. But I kept coming back to that 1.7 inches of trauma. For an adult getting hit on their chest, 1.7 inches is fine. Oh, it's going to hurt, most likely break some ribs, and leave a heck of a bruise. But you will be alive, and darn happy about it. When I thought of my little girls wearing this on their back, then the idea of a trauma that penetrates almost 2 inches became a lot less acceptable. An impact like that on a small child (heck even a small teenage girl) could cause massive, and perhaps even fatal injury.

So I had to find a better way. I went very quickly from just trying to put something together for my family, to realizing, if I want a product like this, there are probably other people that do also. Thus A to Z Armory was born. A and Z are my childrens initials. They were the genesis of this project, so I figured they should be the name also.

After lots of research and expiriments, and talking to experts that have a over 50 years of total experience in ballistics armor, we came up with the designs we now offer.

We believe they afford the best possible protection at lowest possible weight all with a reasonable price. Some say it is expensive, and overly paranoid. But the cost is about the same or less as a new iPod. And regardless of how paranoid you are, that's a small price to pay if your child is ever in an event like this. Which by the way, your child is more likely to be involved in a fatal school shooting than they are kidnapped by a stranger. There are on average in America about 100 kidnappings a year (stereotypical kidnappeings by strangers, not family abductions or run aways). Since 2000 there has been on average about 6 school shootings a year, this doens't include other public shooting events like at the Aurora movie theater. Each shooting event has numerous fatalities, usually dozens of wounded, and typically hundreds of children involved (everyone at the school at the time of the shooting could be a victim). The shooters usually have a few specific people they are after, and their other victims are just chosen by chance. Meaning, if you are in the area, you are in danger. Assuming an average school population of 400 students, that means there are 2400 children a year involved in school shootings. It is random chance weather or not they escape or are a victim. These events are thankfully rare, but so are most things we want to protect our children from.  As parents we will do anything we can to keep them safe.

But as it turns out, these events don't just happen at schools. As the recent tragic events at the Colorado movie theater, and New York Office building have shown. That is why we decided to not just market this as a product for children, but for everyone. Unfortunately it is just the world we live in, and it is better to be prepared for the evil that is out there, than to just assume it will never happen to you. Therefore we have desinged panels that will fit in anything you may need; backpacks, laptop bags, briefcase, even in a diaper bag. If you hike or jog (with a backpack) this is somehting that may save your life if you ever find yourself on the wrong end of someones random act of violence. 


Ephesians 6:13 - Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground