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Is it legal to have/use body armor like your product?

YES - In the USA it is legal for citizens to possess and use body armor unless you are a felon, or are using the product while committing a crime. Other countries have different laws regarding body armor, which is why we only sell in the USA. Note we cannot ship to Connecticut. It is legal for private citizens to purchase body armor in Connecticut, but it must be bought in a face to face transaction, therefore we cannot sell it to you over the internet.

Do you sell internationally?

NO - Currently we only sell to customers in the USA. We are researching the laws to see if we can easily sell to other countries and will update the site when/if we change our international shipping status.

Are your products tested?

YES - Besides personal testing we do on all our products, all of our different products are tested and rated for their ballistic level by an independent ballistic lab. Test results are available here.

Are your products NIJ Certified?

NO - our inserts and pre-armored backpacks do not possess full NIJ certification. They are tested by an independent lab to meet the ballistic requirements of NIJ Threat Level IIIA, but we have not submitted them for full certification. This is mainly for cost reasons, as full NIJ certification cost tens of thousands of dollars. We have made sure that our products meet the ballistic levels required by the NIJ cert, without the cost of the full certification.

What rounds will your products stop?

All of our products are rated at NIJ IIIA, which means they will stop a 44 magnum and all lesser rounds. The "lesser rounds" include; .22, .22 magnum, .25, 32, .38, .357 Magnum, 380, 9mm, .40, .45, 10mm, and 12 gauge buckshot. In addition our "ULTRA" level products will also stop 12 gauge slugs and High Speed FN 5.7x25. And all of these will be stopped in 1 inch or less of backspace (hammer effect).

What are you products made of?

We use several different ballistic materials in our products. These include, Kevlar KM2, UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), and in our ULTRA products we use ballistic fiberglass. We combine these materials in different ways to come up with the most stopping power and lowest backspacing possible.

Can you make a custom sized panel for me?

YES - Yes we can make any size or shape panel you need. We can make this in either our ULTRA level, or our Air-Weight panels, or if you prefer a standard soft Kevlar type insert. All ULTRA level panels must be completely flat because of the ballistic fiberglass, but Air-Weight and Kevlar inserts are flexible and can conform to the space they are in to some degree. Contact our Sales department for more info on custom orders.